Sunday, 21 June 2015

Activity 5: Version 2 - Walls and edges

Activity Details:
Title: Walls and edges
Task: This task uses the touch sensor, an activator and simple loops program to move your robot and negotiate collisions.
Date of task: May 15th 
Number of versions:2 of 2
Lego NXT Programming Screenshot:

  • Again, we unfortunately did not take a video of this version, but since we had no further versions, it is acceptable to say that we completed activity 5 using the version 2 programming. 
  • The picture above is of, what was, our new back wheel. Due to the fact that it broke off during the testing of the first version, we tried to create a better suited structure for the back wheel, so that it was stable enough to stay on, as well as not scraping against the floor. 

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